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More Zombies!
Review by: rodvold
Looks like they're beefing up zombie mode.

Glad they kept the theme
Review by: Bryan
I'm really happy that they went with the same motif as the first planetside. It looks like they cut out all the t...

Beats age
Review by: Ryan Webb
Even on its old engine this game was and IS the best and only MMOFPS in existence

Review by: newuser
Slightly upset on recent news saying this game has lost its FPS mechanics.

Very Underrated
Review by: David
I picked this game up a couple of months ago, and its real easy to get in to. Its a bit slow in the beginning, bu...
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Developer: Cornered Rat Software Game Status: Released
Added: 2009-02-12 04:55:05 Last Update: 2010-03-02 19:50:30

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There are two sides: Axis vs. Allied. The Axis consists of the German forces and the Allies are the combined British (UK) and French forces. Other forces, such as those from the rest of Europe, the rest of the British Commonwealth, the United States, Soviet Union, China or Japan have not been introduced into the campaign yet. Players can play which ever side they want and may even switch sides after waiting a mandatory period of a few hours that begins when they resign from their current enlistment.

Play occurs on a 1/2 scale map of Western Europe. It is one of the largest MMOG maps, at over 350,000 km², with most play occurring in a 30,000 km² central area in which capturable cities, airfields and ports have been placed.

The general organization of the forces is historical. The exception is that the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi Party), the Schutzstaffel (SS), the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) and the swastika are not part of the game and any innuendo concerning these elements is against the terms of service for obvious reasons.

WWIIOL is team-oriented. Players are various troops, pilots, gunners, tank commanders, naval destroyer captains, mission leaders, high commanders and are organized into brigades. Everyone plays in the brigade of their choice. Smaller military units of heavily-themed squads are independently managed by players and can use their own tactics but must the follow the brigade and strategic rules set by the high command players and cooperate with other squads and non-squad players. Being a squad member is optional but encouraged. Some squads have vigorous membership rites. Anyone can, however, form their own squad, solicit members and register the squad with the high command for brigade assignment.



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WW2 Online

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Uneven Realism
by TheMedic
on December 12, 2007
I like the concept of this game. Unfortunately, it is not easy enough to get into, even with a free trail available. For many players, their first experience of combat comes after walking for a few minutes to find the firefight when a sniper headshots them. This game is just not enjoyable enough for the new player to really build a large playerbase.
by Mangi
on December 11, 2007
This a very very good MMOFPS, the ambience is perfect of WWII Online, and it is not a shooter, it is a simulator of WWII, infantry, planes, tanks... This MMOFPS is perfect for a WWII amateurs.

If you are a Spanish, this is spanish squad.
by dleeper
on December 10, 2007
this game reminds me alot of battlefield 1942. the graphics are close but still very different. its fun. its took the creators awhile to work everything out but now its great! i highly recommend it.
Great game Deserves more respect.
by Freshie
on December 1, 2007
I mean what other game has combined arms like this that is realistic AND has a huge huge huge map like WWIIOL? None. This game is innovative and fun. The learning curve makes it better. You take more pride in your kills than you do in like COD 2, because you worked harder. I only played twice, and my poor behind is waiting for those none credit card required Trials.
Under rated but need more work
by Ycluk
on November 11, 2007
I played this game for half year now. This is truly hardcore shooting game with a real massive terran environment and many different kinds of units to choose.

The game does not have training tutorial, and it's pure player based, so it has long learning curve, and it is difficult for new players to start because you could be dead without knowing why and get frustrated easily.

New players are always recommended to join a squad (like a clan or guild) right away and have the veteran teach you about the game.

However, since the game idea is not like any other cookie cutter MMO, it does not get many subscriber, and development does not get enough money to keep up all the technology upgrade, so it put a lot more requirement on players' computer hardware to support the massive terran environment.

The idea is very good to simulate true massive war environment of World War 2, but there are lot more work to be done.

Also, to those who experienced the game back in 2001 and quit, you should try it again because a lot more has change.

This is a true hardcore shooting with real massive environment to simuate what really war looks like. If this is your style, come and try it out.
Too Ambitious?
by Cory
on September 11, 2007
WWII Online is the best concept for a game... maybe of all time - marketable setting and genre, enormous world map and customizable characters. However, the ingenuity of the designers seems to have reached its limit rather quickly and none of the features are implemented well. Granted, today's technology isn't really capable of running a truly massive FPS, but I think this game had a lot more potential than it has realized.

Bottom line - worth free trial, but don't waste your money subscribing until there's a major revision.
Too ambitious
by megabyte
on September 10, 2007
This game tries to be everything to everyone, which ultimately works to its disadvantage. WW2OL has horrific infantry combat, a terrible interface, ridiculous and unintuitive learning curve. However, getting your first kill is amazing and manning an 88 against a tank offensive is an incredible experience. I recommend WW2OL only for the most masochistic gamers who enjoy unnecessary complexity and punishing consequences for mistakes.
Tactical mans game
by Slinkey
on August 28, 2007
This game is really tactial. I found I had the most fun flying in airplanes and bombarding enemy held towns. The ground combat I found to be mundane and boring but in the end I think this would make a fantastic flying / sim game.
by Jon
on August 27, 2007
The game is very hard to start off at first because your not given any instructions what to do and you start in the middle of the field. I'm not one to complain about the graphics but i think they kinda suck. Finally, the game very unrealistic you can do things like blow up a tank with a hand gun. Overall, this game isn't very good.
One of My Favourite Old School MMO's
by Jordan
on August 25, 2007
Back when this was released in 2001 I was immediately hooked, despite many of the flaws that it had. The learning curve was very quick, you were able to install the game and within 30 minutes of playing you were a god. Although the use of airplanes and tanks were very difficult to use without a joystick.

All in all its a fairly decent game

Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 7/10
Re-playability: 7/10
Cost: 7.5/10

Average: 6.9/10

A decent game, but not for the hardcore FPS lovers.
by Richard
on July 16, 2007
What I will say is this, I went to get the game thinking it was gonna be somethink like medal of honor. Seriously, don't get this game if you're looking for action. I spent over 2 hours walking around freakin germany and ended up right where I started without firing a single shot.
Oh lawd
by Anonymous
on July 12, 2007
This game has a learning curve that makes Eve-Online look like Hello Kitty Island Adventure. First off, the game has virtually NO manuals to help you out, except for a couple of small articles and a keymap. You literally end up in the middle of a battle and have no idea what to do.

This is what it's like your first two weeks: You navigate the confusing and cumbersome interface and finally enter a battle. Instinctively you press LMB and you fire your rifle. Ok, that works. So you mess around with your keyboard a bit, you figure out the common keys, like 'w' is forward, 'a' is left, RMB is aim blah blah blah. Ok, so you think you've got a good idea. You look around at your HUD, you have a little chat bar and a minimap. You think of asking for help in the chat bar but everyone's jargon is so think you can't understand anything, it's like "ei at fb r 88 k", so you decide just to lurk more and figure it out on your own. Ok, your minimap has a green arrow, so you follow it. You start your way to the town or rally point or whatever. Two minutes into it, you hear a loud crack, your screen goes black and red, and guess what, you're dead. You have no idea who hit you or what just happened. Ok, let's try this again. So, after spending 5 minutes figuring out how to despawn (confusing the first time), you respawn back in the same spot. HAHA, you think, you'll take a different route and circumnavigate the bad guys, even though you don't know where they are. So you are off on your way again. All alone, chat bar is all jargoned up about ei's and planes and crap. This time you manage to make it almost to the edge of the city. Crack, red, black. You're dead. Despawn. Respawn. Travel. Boom, headshot. Dead. This is your first two weeks. Enjoy it. Expect to die about once every 6 to 10 minutes. You will manage to get a kill if you are lucky. Forget trying to fly a plane or drive armor or anything.

There is a help server that you can go to but I'll be damned if you can find it. Good luck with that.

If extreme realism is what you want, and you want to die hundreds of times and never see who or what shot you, then this is for you.
July 7, 2007
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
Very... detailed.
by Tom
on June 17, 2007
It has taken many years to slooooowly iron out most of the kinks in this game. Lets just say that when it released, you could literally kill the entire crew of a closed up passing tank using only a hand gun. Now, most of what one may percieve as wrong tends to be them screwing up and blaming the game. Flight models are complicated for the aircraft and the infantry and tank options are thorough, as far as what to play as. Close infantry combat is awkward and infantry look like crap as they always have, but as a sim this game is extremely thorough, right down to accurately mapped terrain of Europe on a half scale. This also means if you're not hardcore enough to endure 10 minute walks only to get blown away by a machine gunner you missed, don't bother. I feel, though, that going that far to get a kill is extremely gratifying in the end. What keeps me from rating the game any higher is the nasty learning curve you get with few people to help, and no specific manuals on your equipment. (There is something to read, but I'll call that more advice than instructions.) Also, the game is so complex that you may never understand why some things happen. I.E. someone shot a control surface while you were strafing infantry, so when you went to pull out of your dive, you... didn't, and crashed. Or you get hit in the head by a bullet travelling faster than the sound of the rifle that shot it, so you randomly appeared to die. Counterstrike fans, this is NOTHING LIKE THAT so stay away if you're looking for instant shooting. Hardcore sim guys, WW2 fans, or especially hardcore WW2 sim guys... you will love this game.
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