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Free Online FPS Games Anyone?

Running low on change? No worries! We've compiled a list of free-2-play online FPS games in the game list!

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Wolfteam Q&A

We grabbed Wolfteam's producer for some quick questions, you have no idea "howl" much fun this game is. *snicker*

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Huxley Update GDC 2009

Huxley GDC 2009... now it's official. Huxley, the MMOFPS,  is just around the corner. We're serious this time!

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Global Agenda Exclusive Q&A

Check it out! We've scored an exclusive Q&A with Global Agenda. This spyriffic MMO-shooter is one to keep an eye on!

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Parabellum - Free to Play Online FPS

Developed using UE3, this online first person shooter emphasizes on character customization and progression. Oh yeah, and its free!

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Fallen Earth

Top Story

GamersFirst Account Integration Patch - Tomorrow at 2 PM PDT!

Tomorrow we will complete the integration of Fallen Earth with GamersFirst, with the game going down at approximately 2 PM PDT/5PM EDT. This process is expected to take quite some time, so we will provide...

First "Regularly Scheduled" Maintenance Tomorrow

We will be performing maintenance on the Fallen Earth servers tomorrow at 9 AM PDT which should help improve server stability and will reactivate all Progress and Conflict towns. Estimated downtime is...

Upcoming Transition – You Need a G1 Account!

This is an exciting time for Fallen Earth. August 1st will mark the conclusion of Phase One of our transition process to GamersFirst - which was basically “move over all the hardware and pretty much...

Trivia Night Next Tuesday!

 Tuesday July 26 at 10 p.m. EDT! Join us at the Embry bunker bar (waypoint 4241542 3232776)! If you’d like to donate a prize for an upcoming Trivia Night, please mail item(s) in-game to our Community...

Game is Up, NPC Health Issue Resolved

The fix for NPC health has been implemented and the server is back up and running. We have also granted 2 new Respec Injectors and a Knowledge Recalculator to all players due to any confusion and spec...

Alpha County is Live!

Alpha County Update - MOVED to Thursday (7/7) 11 AM EDT

Trivia Night returns Tuesday

Store Sale

Fallen Earth Team Joins Reloaded Productions to Support Continued Development of Post-Apocalyptic MMO

We’re Back!

Live, Fireside Chat Next Tuesday!

Massively Speaks with Marie Croall!

Alpha County Comes to the PTS

Lead Scripter Talks Progress Towns

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Top Story

Limited Customer Support for Thanksgiving(0)

  SOE would like to take a moment to wish all of those who are celebrating Thanksgiving a very happy one this year! May you all have a great holiday, be safe, eat hearty and game hard! Please note...

Maintenance Notice: Thursday October 6, 2011(0)

Maintenance Notice: Thursday October 6, 2011 Beginning October 6, 2011 at 7:00 a.m. US Pacific login for Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures will be offline for maintenance. Subscription and commerce...

Maintenance Notice: Friday September 30, 2011(0)

Beginning September 30, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. subscription and commerce services will be unavailable for maintenance. We expect this maintenance to take approximately one and half hours. This may also cause...

PlanetSide 2 Webcast(0)

We're ready to start rolling out some PS2 info! This week's Planetside 2 theme is "Meet the Team!" Strap in and gather vital intel on some of the great minds behind this upcoming title. Learn more about...

SOE Compatibility Lab Webcast (0)

  If you’re wondering about the inner workings of Sony Online Entertainment and how we test to make sure games work, we have the webcast for you! Join Ryan Antonelli and your webcast host Aimee “Ashlanne”...

SOE Webcast - Live at Comic Con 2011(0)

Scheduled Downtime on Tuesday, July 12, 2011(2)

Scheduled Downtime on Tuesday, July 12, 2011(0)

Happy 4th and Limited Support(0)

Announcing the SOE All Access Game Pass!(0)

Maintenance Notice: Tuesday June 28, 2011(0)

SOE Fan Faire Webcast (0)

Maintenance Notice: Tuesday June 14, 2011(0)

SOE Fan Faire Webcast(0)

SOE NOC Webcast(0)

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What the Hell, Huxley?

If you remember, circa 2000, a game called Huxley was in development by Korean developers, and was supposed to be a ground-breaking MMOFPS that would bring the niche into mainstream gaming. It was set...

Huxley Webzen new multiplayer shooting online game wallpaper Tour

Huxley, developed by the network of meditation, in addition to a first person shooter (FPS) game features the same time and brought wonderful people and rich blood spray Zhang MMORPG game experience to...

Huxley Closed-Beta Is Complete, Free Open-Beta Is Coming Soon

Yesterday one of the GMs for the beta for ijji's North American service distribution of the Unreal-powered MMOFPS, Huxley, announced that the game has completely finished closed beta testing. So what's...

Huxley Update GDC 2009

Introduced as a pre-alpha version, NHN USA showed off some footage of the much hyped, and much delayed MMOFPS, Huxley (officially known as “Huxley: The Dystopia”). Here’s the recap for those of...

No Huxley US Launch This Year | Windows Gamer

It's been a long boring track for the game Huxley to finally make it to store shelves and it sounds like it's going to be even longer. It is unfortunate that. Pinging

Huxley PC Delayed Till 2009

Huxley Delayed Till 2009 - Developers Reportedly Say

Huxley delayed until 2009. In other news, Huxley still exists

Gaming Nexus - Huxley delayed until 2009 in the US

No Huxley US launch in 2008 - Big Download Blog

Huxley - Guide Movie

Beta Thursday: Huxley, the PC/Xbox 360 MMO-FPS - Neoseeker

Beta Thursday: Huxley, the PC/Xbox 360 MMO-FPS

Huxley soma. In the end, it was aldous huxley

Huxley / Webzen

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Top Story

Tournament Schedule August 28 - September 11

ACD - Assault, Capture, and Defend August 28 - September 4: Douglas Avenue Labs September 5 - September 11: Sunrise Harbour   We know ACD matches are usually 15 minutes, but since these are for the...

Cheater Update

Hey guys, I want to take some time to tell you all about our cheating policies and how we go about delivering the banhammer on so-called “hackers.” I hope you’ve all noticed over the last few weeks...

Name the Instance!

Hey guys, We are working on a new instance for our next expansion and we want your help in naming the map! Have a look at these screenshots, then give us your suggested names here. We'll take names...

Expansion Interview at OnRPG

Hey guys, Check out this interview with CrimeCraft Executive Producer Michael Mendheim now up at Mendheim talks about where CrimeCraft has been, where we are now, and hints a little bit at...

Technical Issue Forces Third Tournament Suspension

Hey guys, We've discovered an unfortunate technical issue that has forced us to suspend the third daily tournaments immediately. A timer conflict would have eventually led to server instability and ultimately...

Third Daily Tournament Added to Rotation

Second Daily Tournament Time Change Starts Friday

Check Out Video, Screens at OnRPG and MMOHut

Server Renamed "Exeter" After Next Maintenance

GameOgre Voting Reset, Vote Team CrimeCraft

Summer Update Delayed One Week

Get Out the Vote for the GameOgre Semifinals

Summer Update Notes Posted; set for June 29

New Objective Based Game Mode Coming Soon

Spectator Mode, New Safeguard Coming in Update

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WWII Online

Top Story


BEACH-HEAD BREAKOUT; SUMMARY DAY 4 The day of the German counter attack. On day 3 the Allied forces were attacking Arras, their next objective and the "must have" city where the BEF had always been headquartered...

Germans win # 75. Reset Friday Oct. 7th

In a stoic attack to circumvent a clever gamble made by the Allied High Command to move around the eastern flank of the German lines and capture their production factories in Frankfurt and charge on north...

Campaign #74 ends in Axis Victory!

Campaign #74 saw the Axis start with a mighty push that moved the front line west far too quickly. Fearing a swift and merciless march to England, the Allies rallied and held. The mighty Axis advance was...

Gophur's Downfall

Get a look inside the CRS bunker as work continues on v1.34  

Direct Game and Patch Downloads

The auto-updater is currently having some problems, but you can download the latest game installer and patch directly from the links below for now. We hope to have the issue resolved very soon. PC: Full...


Your Senior Command Line Up!

Development Update 7-26-11

What Might Have Been - An Alternate Reality Scenario

Volunteer Profile: Smokeeye and your Forum Moderators


Production Update 07 - 08 - 11

KABOOM! Bazookas Incoming!

TeamSpeak 3 Server Open For Business!

Allies Victorious in Campaign #71

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Top Story

Earthrise: Earthrise Devchat

Do you have questions about Earthrise? Join and the developers from Masthead Studios on Saturday, December 6th at 2 pm EST and get your answers during the Earthrise Dev Chat. Masthead Studios...

Masthead Studios CEO discusses Earthrise’s sandbox philosophy

Filed under: Betas, Sci-fi, Game mechanics, Guilds, Interviews, MMO industry, New titles, PvP, Earthrise. It looks like the sci-fi MMO genre is going to experience quite an influx of new titles in the...

Earthrise: Coming Beta Clarification

Earthrise: As Earthrise newsletter come out recently, the game is undergoing an phase of newly update and has reached the final design work now. Along with a bunch of features, Devs are are working on:...

Earthrise: Exclusive Music and Concept Art

Today, the folks from the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG Earthrise have provided us with two new pieces from the upcoming game's soundtrack along with an interesting piece of concept art. Pinging

Earthrise approaches closed beta

According to the most recent newsletter, they're integrating features and working on the RPG system, PhysX, improved character control and collision detection, implemented game UI with complete functionality,...

Earthrise: Coming Beta Clarification

Earthrise: Exclusive Q&A

Earthrise: Exclusive Q&A

WarCry Network : Latest News: Three Earthrise Developer Interviews

WarCry Network : Latest News: Three Earthrise Developer Interviews

Earthrise - Sci-Fi online game

Earthrise - Sci-Fi online game

Earthrise Update

WarCry Q&A: Earthrise 2

Earthrise lore features clash between utopian idealism and anarchy

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The Agency

Top Story

The Agency unlikely to be pay-per-month | Game Development | News

Sony Online Entertainment’s senior world designer Kevin O’Hara told Kikizo that: “We’re acutely aware that shooter players are not used to paying monthly fees, so I doubt we’ll go for an outright...

The Agency opts for in-game advertising instead of monthly fees

In a recent interview with Kikizo, Sony Online Entertainment's Kevin O'Hara revealed that the upcoming spy MMO The Agency will not incorporate the traditional monthly subscription model, but will instead...

“The Agency” should reappear next summer | GamesBloggo

Sony Online’s Hal Milton, however, has reassured everyone through an interview to Massively, saying that the game will reappear during the course of 2009. More specifically, it should be present in most...

The Agency to appear at summer 2009 trade shows

The Agency Developer: Sony OE Publisher: Sony OE Genre: Role Playing Game Sub-Genre: MMOFPS Release Date: TBA 2009 Additonal Info: Also available on PC. Tales of Vesperia Developer: Namco Tales Studio...

Massively checks in on The Agency with Lead Designer Hal Milton

Age of Conan,EQ2,Eve Online,FFXI,Guild Wars,Hellgate,The Lord of the Rings,Vanguard,World of Warcraft. Subscribe to Game Pet RSS Feed · Subscribe to Game Pet Comments · Cheap eu wow gold · Home · About....

Joystiq interview: An update on The Agency

GameFly Prematurely Closes The Agency

The Agency not canceled, says SOE

The Agency Has Not Been Cancelled, Yet

The Agency Cancelled? | TheSixthAxis

Playstation 3 World: SOE: The Agency NOT canceled

The Agency for PC News at MMORPG.COM

The Agency Q&A Feature -

The Agency dev says gamers don’t really like cross-platform play

Cross-platform Gameplay in The Agency?

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